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Whistler Classic Soda

Whistler Classic Soda is proudly made in Spring Lake Park, MN. Bottles on an authentic 1952 Crown, Cork and Seal Dixie Model F bottling line, our soda really is 1950's soda. Made from the finest and purest ingredients, each 8 oz. returnable bottle of Whistler is handcrafted the way things used to be. You won't find a better tasting craft soda anywhere, and no other company uses the same manufacturing techniques that they did in the 1950's except for Whistler Classic Soda.

We currently offer over 35 delicious handcrafted flavors. And we have many more flavors just over the horizon. You can use our handy store locator map to find Whistler Soda near you. Taste it for yourself, and know what soda tasted like in the 50's.