Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new home of Whistler Classic Soda! This is our blog area where we will update you on everything that we bottle. Whether we release a new flavor or we become more easily found, you can learn about it here!

Since owner Mark Lazarchic acquired both Whistler Classic Soda and North Star Craft Soda, the goals of our small company have never been higher! Mark is locally known for a variety of the companies that he has founded including Renaissance Fireworks which supplies most of the state with fireworks in the summer. He also sells nationally on 3 different niche websites; Wedding Day Sparklers (sparklers for weddings), Sparkler City (bottle sparklers for nightclubs), and BirthdaySparklers.com (birthday cake sparklers). Aided by the success of these businesses, there are many great things that lie in store for this company.

As for this blog, we will be sharing new products and flavors regularly. We also will announce new locations to buy our soda. Thank you for drinking Whistler Classic Soda!